Cow Escapes From Paterson, New Jersey Slaughterhouse (VIDEO)

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A cow briefly escaped a Paterson, New Jersey slaughterhouse Tuesday night (not long enough to even start a Twitter account) and after a chase by local authorities was apprehended. NBC New York reports, "The cow was not hurt" but, you know, was probably then slaughtered, right?

The cow will be spared a return to the slaughterhouse, said the city’s chief animal control officer, John De Cando.

“The guy who owned the slaughterhouse promised me he will take it to a farm tomorrow,” De Cando said.

Well played, cow. Well played.

This, of course, isn't the first time a metro area animal has tried to make a run for it.

Last August, a bull escaped a Jamaica, Queens slaughterhouse and charged down Liberty Avenue. In 2008, another bull in Queens keeled over after a 14 hour chase. The most dramatic incident, however, was in 1999 in Long Island City when police had to shoot a rampaging bull dead.