Runaway Cow Gives Birth 2 Days After Fleeing Slaughterhouse-Bound Truck

The cow and her calf will spend the rest of their days at an animal sanctuary.

A cow that stopped traffic on Interstate 80 in New Jersey after escaping a truck that was headed to a slaughterhouse had an even bigger surprise for her rescuers: She gave birth to a healthy calf.

The cow, now named Brianna, stopped traffic at 3 a.m. Thursday after escaping from the second story of a livestock truck.

After Brianna was captured, she was taken to Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in Wantage, New Jersey.  

Mike Stura, founder and president of the sanctuary, told WCBS that after Brianna arrived at the sanctuary she was examined by a veterinarian. “He said there’s a very big calf in there and she’s going to give birth in the next week or so,” Stura said.

Brianna didn’t wait long, delivering the calf at 1:30 p.m. Saturday with an assist from Stura.

Video below shows the actual birth. (Not for the biologically squeamish)

Now there’s no slaughterhouse in the future of the runaway cow. Brianna and her calf, named Winter, will live out their lives at the sanctuary, Stura said.



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