Cow Heart On Doorstep Mystery Solved By Portland Investigators (VIDEO)

WATCH: Someone Left A Mysterious Cow's Heart On Portland Doorstep

Valentine's Day was a week ago, but a Portland man is still stunned by the heartfelt gift left on his doorstep: A cow's heart with a note reading, "You will always have my heart."

While butchers or taxidermists might consider it a sweet, if bizarre, way to show affection, Scott Fleming was simply freaked out the morning he found the box with the beefy heart on ice.

"We've been on edge the past couple of days," Fleming told after he first found the bovine blood-pumping organ. "I was worried that someone was outside watching me discover this, so I started testing my roommates and asking what I should do."

Fleming also called the police, who immediately began their investigation, starting with taking the heart into custody so a medical examiner could check it out and verify that it had belonged to a cow.

Investigating officer Sgt. Pete Simpson doesn't think Fleming was having a cow about the incident.

"I think anyone would be disturbed if you came out to your front porch and you found a heart on the porch," Simpson told

Simpson also said that leaving an animal heart somewhere isn't a crime, especially since no animal was found slaugetered "on the side of the road somewhere," but were following all leads to ensure the mysterious cow heart wasn't meant to be a threat."

The investigation took the better part of a week before the heart-dumping culprit, who gave her name as Sarah Johnson, revealed herself to Fleming and authorities with yet another package, this one containing a bouquet of flowers and a written apology.

"It was just sitting here with a note attached that said she was sorry for the mix up, and that she meant it for someone else, a friend apparently," Fleming told

Apparently, Johnson meant to leave the package as a joke for her friend who lives around the corner from Fleming, but she got the address wrong.

Police say they are no longer looking into the incident and Fleming is glad the case of the mysterious cow heart is solved.

Still, he is still a little on edge.

"We've been so worried the past couple of days that we would come home to something else," he told repoters. "I hope the flowers are the end of it all. I guess was a nice gesture, but I hope its the end."

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