Cowlicks Don't Have to be Cantankerous

We all have them. Some of us deal with them more than others do and some are worse than others are. I am talking about the dreaded change in hair patterns that can cause a lot of grief. Yes folks, I am referring to the “Cowlick”.

While a cowlick can sometimes create extra work when styling, they aren’t all bad. Sometimes you can use them to your advantage, especially, if they are in right place where they accentuate your haircut. Cowlicks can at times serve to make the hair appear fuller and have more body as well.

However, what happens when they are not in an advantageous place for your hairstyle? Most of us experience challenges with styling under these circumstances. The good news is that with a bit of advice from your stylist, you can usually manage a cowlick.

I recommend, first and foremost, seek advice from a professional. A good stylist can work with your hair to create a look that that makes the cowlick manageable and even desirable. Remember, sometimes the battle of fighting your natural hair pattern isn’t worth the anguish.

A stylist has the ability to guide you on how to work with a cowlick. Here’s a few quick pointers that I like to give my clients. First, if a cowlick is unruly, after you shampoo you should blow dry the cowlick in the opposite direction of the hair pattern. This technique works especially well if your hair is longer and your cowlick is around your hair line.

Second, I recommend that clients blow dry their hair immediately. If the hair is allowed to begin drying on its own, it will take on its natural pattern which makes it very hard to work with.

Third, it’s advisable to leave the hair longer if you are dealing with cowlicks. The weight of long hair can serve to calm the cowlick down and make it less noticeable. This is a big plus.

Let’s say that long hair isn’t your thing. There are styles that you can buzz and take them right off, especially if you wear your hair super short. There are a lot of styles that are trending right now that require this especially for boys and men.

To sum it up cowlicks don’t have to wreak havoc on your hairstyle. Though they often get a bad rap, I recommend embracing your cowlicks rather than fighting them. Your hair will end up looking better and it will also make life easier. Happy styling!

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