Cowpoke Lassoes Calf While Perched On Moving Cop Car

A Tennessee sheriff was resourceful when he needed to moo-ve this little guy off the road.

What’s a sheriff to do when a loose calf is trotting down the middle of a highway in Paris, Tennessee? Get a cowboy to balance himself on the hood of his cruiser and lasso the animal, of course. 

A calf had fallen off a truck and was making its way down Highway 79 on Tuesday when Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew arrived on the scene. He tried using his car to herd the creature off the road and turning on his siren to scare it, but it was all in vain. 

So he asked rancher David Bevill for some help.

“He said, ‘Get on the hood of my car!’” Bevill recounted to local outlet WBBJ. “I said, ‘All right! We’ll give it a shot.’ And it all worked out. Think it was the best loop I’ve ever thrown in my life.”

An excited Belew narrated the events while filming the incident. “We just roped him! We got him! We just stopped him!” he can be heard saying before instructing Bevill to tie the animal to the front of the car. 

Bevill managed to lasso the calf, but he slipped off the cruiser when the animal pulled him. 

“That calf is dragging me, and I’m trying to get to where I can tie it to the front of the car ― and I look back at Monte and he is just laughing,” Bevill told WBBJ.

Belew posted his video of the adventure on his Facebook page. The calf is safe, and the sheriff’s video has been viewed more than 3 million times as of Friday morning.