Some Hunter Is About To Win A Prize For Killing The "Smallest Coyote"

Coyote-killing contest to go ahead this weekend despite threats.
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An annual contest in Canada that encourages hunters to kill as many coyotes as they can in one day will be going ahead on Saturday, despite threats against the organizer.

The DKD Coyote Tournament will be holding its fifth annual competition just outside of Edmonton — the event's Facebook page says the location of the check-in will be announced the day of.

Teams of two are encouraged to hunt down as many coyotes as possible. Awards are handed out not only for the number caught, but for side categories such as "smallest coyote" and "mangiest coyote."

The rules specify that coyotes must be hunted: "NO road kills, Poisoned, Trapped, or Snared entries accepted."

"When we glorify killing at that level... it leaves a bad taste in most people's mouths."

The organizer, Paul, who says he only goes by his first name for his family's safety as he has received threats, told the Calgary Sun he feels the only reason people are upset is because he called the event a "contest."

Lesley Sampson, a member of Coyote Watch Canada, says culls like this can actually be harmful to the social structure of coyote packs.

"When we glorify killing at that level ... it leaves a bad taste in most people's mouths," Sampson told CTV News in advance of last year's hunt.

Coyote hunting is legal in Alberta, as long as the hunter has permission to do so on the land.

"Guys are out shooting coyotes, no matter what. This is just some friendly competition between teams," says Paul, in an interview with CBC News.

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