Cop Responds To Call About 'Wounded Dog,' Finds Tiny Coyote Pup In Need

Carlo the coyote pup is now in the care of a wildlife rehabilitator.

A coyote pup found scared and alone in the road in Revere, Massachusetts, has a new chance at life thanks to a group of caring humans.

Massachusetts State Police troopers received a call about a “wounded dog in the road” on the night of May 5, according to a Facebook post from the department. But instead of a domestic canine, Trooper Carlo Mastromattei found a “frightened, solitary coyote pup.”

Poor little guy.
Poor little guy.

The pup’s mother was “nowhere in sight” and the animal was in immediate danger on the busy road. No wildlife or environmental officials were available to help, the post said, but Lisa Cutting, the owner of a local dog grooming and boarding business, sprang into action when Mastromattei called her.

“Put my gloves on. Grabbed a towel and a quarantine cage, and picked him up and brought him to safety,” she told CBS Boston.

Cutting decided to name the pup Carlo, presumably after the trooper.

Carlo the coyote pup is doing much better now.
Carlo the coyote pup is doing much better now.

Carlo the pup spent the night in a crate at the home of Mastromattei’s girlfriend, AnnBeth, before Cutting helped transport him to Tufts Wildlife Clinic. From there, little Carlo was assessed by veterinarians and transferred to a wildlife rehabilitator. According to the police’s Facebook post, the hope is that Carlo the coyote will ultimately be able to return to the wild.



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