Forget Winter. Just Hibernate In One Of These Cozy Homes Instead. (PHOTOS)

There are six more weeks of winter and probably six more polar vortices to get through before we can reasonably hope for the soul-nourishing rays of the sun to appear again. Instead of fighting the urge to scream about the never-ending season, just submit to the instinct to hibernate. Preferably in one of these cozy, cozy homes.

The Cabin Is The Coziest Of Home Styles
Just Curl Up In Front Of The Fireplace
Or Bring Some Hot Cocoa And Put Your Feet Up
Or Maybe Grab A Book And Get Lost In The Written Word
Wouldn't It Be Great If Your Bed Was In Front Of A Nice Fire?
Every Good Nap Starts With Wine
Or Maybe A Nice Long Soak
You Could Just Stock Enough Wood To Get Through The Rest Of Winter

Or maybe you'd rather dream about the summer heat.

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