CPAC 2012: Conservatives Rap About America, Don Colonial-Style Wigs (VIDEO)

WATCH: Conservatives Rap About America, Don Colonial-Style Wigs At CPAC

WASHINGTON -- At the Conservative Political Action Conference, most of the music wafting from the stage and through the halls is country music, or some other campaign-style rock songs. But on Tuesday morning, attendees of the Red Carpet Blogger Awards received a special surprise: a conservative rap performance.

Wearing track suits and colonial-style wigs, Steve Crowder, a Fox News contributor and comedian, and Chris Loesch, the husband of conservative commentator Dana Loesch, warmed the crowd up with a rap about "Mr. America." Behind them was their own music video of the song, in which they wore more colonial-style clothing and stood in front of a building that appeared to be some sort of fortress.

The performance sure woke up the crowd, which turned out at 9:30 a.m. to honor the prominent conservative bloggers receiving awards that morning. People were waving their hands in the air like they just didn't care, and one woman even stood up and shook her hips.

There was one particularly awkward moment in the performance, when they used the word "knickers," which happens to sound a lot like a racially loaded word beginning with the letter "n." The music then stopped and they joked, "What? Knickers? I can say knickers!" At that moment, coincidentally, a technician -- who happened to be one of the only African-American individuals in the room and was working at the front at the time -- stood up and walked away. (Watch in the above video at 1:50.)

Watch Crowder and Loesch's "Mr. America" music video:

This story has been updated with the music video.

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