CPAC Speaker Mocks Obama's Use Of Cocaine (VIDEO)

CPAC Speaker Mocks Obama's Use Of Cocaine (VIDEO)

Critics of Barack Obama seemed to have long since abandoned the idea that his admitted drug use as a youth could be used as a political cudgel to hold over him.

But on Thursday a featured speaker at CPAC did just that, whacking the president for using cocaine at one point in his early years and equating the country's experience with the Obama administration to a regrettable drug binge.

Jason Mattera of the Young America's Foundation, declared that: "Our notion of freedom doesn't consist of snorting cocaine, which distinguishes us from Barack Obama."

Later, he added: "On the cocaine front I do believe many young people in America view Barack in the same fashion they view drugs: it was a substance to experiment with."

The hangover has them saying, 'What the hell did I just do.'"

There were some cheers from the crowd. But mostly uncomfortable "ooohs." Mattera clearly enjoyed the role of bomb-thrower, unwilling to let up on his provocative rhetoric.

He declared that "even the slutty Obama girl has said her crush has faded," and then went on to make fun of the "feminist new black man" -- a "crossover between Rupaul and [Rep.] Barney Frank."

Among the other titles he applied the president was a "scrawny street agitator" and "jack-ass"

"Get your government off my freedom," he declared.


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