CPAC Organizer Denounces Critics Spotting What Looks Like Nazi SS Symbol On Stage

CPAC head Matt Schlapp angrily denied any resemblance and touted the organization's excellent relationship with the Jewish community.

Critics on Twitter have been chilled by a major design element of the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference that eerily resembles the insignia of a volunteer unit of Adolf Hitler’s notorious Waffen SS.

A square whose corner juts out from the CPAC stage from connected back-to-back “check marks” bears a striking resemblance to the ancient Norse Odal Rune adopted by the SS unit, which would be particularly apparent from the stage side.

The Anti-Defamation League has noted that after World War II the Odal (or Othala) Rune became commonly used by white supremacists in Europe and North America.

In response to some 100,000 tweets about the issue and climbing, CPAC organizer Matt Schlapp angrily blasted the “stage design conspiracies” as “outrageous and slanderous.” He touted CPAC’s “long standing commitment to the Jewish community.”

CPAC was forced earlier this week to cancel scheduled speaker Young Pharaoh after his anti-Semitic rants calling Judaism a “complete lie” (and worse) were revealed in the media.

Donald Trump is scheduled to speak on the CPAC stage in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday.

The Snopes fact-checking site reported Saturday that it was “unable to verify at the time of this writing whether the allusion to the Nazi symbol was made intentionally or consciously by any CPAC organizers.”

But it did conclude that the stage definitely “resembled a version of the Odal Rune symbol ... used by a number of Nazi divisions.”

CPAC critics agreed.

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