Crab Pinches Man In Act Of Revenge (VIDEO)

This is so perfect, it borders on cliche.

We don't even know what type of crab this is (there's no description provided with the video), but we certainly support the creature's decision-making skills. If someone chases you down and pick you up by your shell, you definitely have the right to get even.

That is what the pinchers are for, after all.

Then again, the man in the video didn't exactly take a lot of precaution when handling the little arthropod. He might not have thought it was dangerous, but believe it or not, those claws actually work.

However, the man would probably be in a lot more pain if one of these massive red crabs invading the Antarctic got him.

This crab isn't the first animal to get its revenge on a human. A few months ago, a shark fought back after being caught by an extreme kayaking fisherman.

Note: Please don't mess with animals just to make a funny video. Not only is it cruel to the animal, but you'll look like an idiot.

WATCH (You can skip to about 0:50 for the good stuff if you really want):

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