Crack Pipe Show And Tell: Kindergarten Boy Brings Mom's Drugs To School

Trying to impress your classmates with bizarre and surprising show-and-tell items is fine -- some might say it's even part of growing up. But one Missouri student went a little too far.

A kindergartner at Sweet Springs Elementary School shocked his instructor earlier this month when he presented the class with his mother's crack pipe and drugs later identified as methamphetamine, KCTV5 reports.

After school administrators contacted authorities, police arrested the boy's mother, 32-year-old Michelle Marie Cheatham, and charged her with possession of a controlled substance and first-degree child endangerment, according to Saline County's Marshal Democratic News.

"When I called the prosecutor about it, they said, 'You're kidding me, aren't you?'" Police Chief Richard Downing told KCTV5.

Teachers made the show-and-tell discovery on Tuesday, Sept. 6. and police charged Cheatham six days later.