How Do You Crack Your Pistachios?

Who doesn't love pistachios? In Iran, they are known as the smiling nut and according to legend, the Queen of Sheba considered them to be food of the royals, reserving the whole region's harvest for herself. These little green nuts are full of flavor, and have a long 9,000-year-long history. It makes sense that they would have their own day of celebration. (Different sources report two different dates, either Jan. 26 or Feb. 26, but we at Kitchen Daily are open to celebrating both. Why not?)

While pistachios do make a tasty snack -- and they are heavily featured in desserts from the Middle East -- they sometimes get put aside for the more popular peanut. Why is that? Is it because you have to crack the hard shell before you get to the good stuff inside? Could be. And sometimes the shell is nearly impossible to crack; some people's teeth and fingernails can attest to that.

It seems that the people behind pistachios may be on to this. They have launched an ad campaign playfully encouraging people to crack their nuts like celebrities do -- celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Kermit the Frog and even YouTube stars, such as the Honey Badger. Click through the gallery below to see how many different ways pistachios are cracked. And if none of those options seem feasible to you, you can try this handy little trick of using one pistachio to open another.

How do you crack your pistachios? Leave a comment below.

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