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(For Jessica)

How do I explain chemotherapy
to a six-year-old up in my arms
before I shed my coat?

How do I tell her I can't
kiss her on the lips because
my white count is low, that
we must leave early because
Aunt Helen has a cold?

And when we go, she hides
in her room, face in the corner,
till I return and swallow her
in my arms--Damn it all--
I kiss her anyway
again and again.

And next time, she's on my lap
staring in my eyes as if to see--
is there laughter behind them
or is that puppy on a leash, too?

She searches my face, then says,
"You're losing your hair."

I act surprised, "Where? Show me."
She runs her hand along my scalp.

I lean into her little face,
"It's still me."

She takes my hand and out we go
as she shimmies on her swing,
pumping higher, giddy as she
eats the day, "Look! Uncle Mark!
I'm swinging till I'm High
as the Sun! Look!"

I push her with all my heart,
"Me, too, sweetheart--"
she comes back to me--
"me, too."

A Question to Walk With: In conversation with a loved one or friend, discuss what it means to act on your love.

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