The 13 Best Craft Beers To Serve At Your Wedding

13 Beers So Delicious, You'll Never Want Champagne Again

One of the best parts of a wedding -- at least according to guests -- is, of course, the bar. From signature cocktails to specialty wines, more and more couples are creating bar menus that showcase their personalities, and guests reap the benefits.

But not everyone wants a sugary cocktail or the hangover brought on by champagne. So we're here to tell you about a lesser-known option: craft beer.

Specialty beers are all the rage these days, and thanks to creative brewers who infuse flavors like coffee, grapefruit, lemon or chocolate into their sudsy creations, there's an option for every wedding season.

Below, we present 13 craft beers so delicious (and elegant!) you can actually serve them at your wedding.

The Bruery Hottenroth
The Bruery
Style: Berliner Weisse
ABV: 3.1%

The Bruery in Orange County, CA is known for its unique beers, and Hottenroth is no exception. With a slightly tart taste, this low alcohol wheat beer is perfect for a spring wedding, but luckily for you it's available year round. As an added bonus, ask the bar tender to add raspberry or woodruff syrup -- a traditional way to sweeten the beer.
Mother Earth Cali Creamin
Mother Earth Brew Co.
Style: Vanilla Cream Ale
ABV: 5.2%

If you loved cream soda on a hot day when you were a kid, then you'll love Mother Earth's Cali Creamin' for your summer wedding. Creamy yet cool, this beer has a vanilla and honey malt kick. It's available year round.
Dogfish Head Midas Touch
Style: Handcrafted Ancient Ale (honey wine)
ABV: 9%

Midas Touch was basically made for weddings, considering it's a combination of beer and mead (honey wine). In the Middle Ages, mead was traditionally served at weddings and afterwards, the newlyweds were given enough mead to last a month -- which is one explanation for the term "honeymoon". Plus, this sweet yet dry ale is comparable to champagne in taste and texture! It's available year round.
Great Divide Fresh Hop
Great Divide Brewing Co.
Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 6.1%

This excellent beer from Denver, Colorado is brewed with fresh hops from the Pacific Northwest, meaning it's only available in fall and winter. Flavors of wet grass, citrus and hops bounce around in perfect harmony, while the smooth finish will leave your guests wanting more.
AleSmith Speedway Stout
AleSmith Brewing Co.
Style: Imperial Stout With Coffee
ABV: 12%

With notes of coffee, vanilla, chocolate, dark fruit, oak and a whopping 12 percent alcohol content, this dark stout is a winter wedding guest's dream come true. Luckily, the Speedway Stout is available year-round so it works perfectly for any evening or night reception as well! As anadded bonus, the Stout comes in a variety of other flavors like Vietnamese Coffee Speedway, Nutella Speedway Stout and sometimes even Coconut Speedway Stout.
Dogfish Head Punkin Ale
Dogfish Head
Style: Brown Ale
ABV: 7%

If you're throwing a fall or winter wedding, this is the beer you want to serve. Brewed with actual pumpkin, brown sugar and spices, this seasonal beer from Delaware is sure to tickle your guests' fancy with notes of pumpkin pie, caramel, malt and nutmeg -- all while warming their bellies and their hearts. Limited availability.
Mother Earth Sin Tax
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 8.1%

With flavors of caramel, chocolate, peanut butter, and light coffee, this beer might as well be dessert. Not only is this brew sure to make your guests rethink everything they know about beer, it's also available year round. Hooray!
Ballast Point Sculpin
Ballast Point Brewing Company
Style: IPA
ABV: 7%

Some people swear by IPAs and others despise their hoppy intensity, which is why we've chosen Ballast Point's Sculpin IPA as a wedding pick. It's a well-balanced brew -- not overly hoppy -- that's smooth to taste and full of fruity, citrus notes like apricot, mango and lemon sure to please IPA and non-IPA drinkers alike! Oh and did we mention it scored a 98/100 on Beer Advocate? Good thing it's available year-round.
Great Divide Heydey
Great Divide Brewing Co.
Style: Belgian Style White Ale
ABV: 5.2%

Heydey from Great Divide is the beer you need for your summer wedding. With notes of lemon, coriander, tangerine, zesty hops and spices, this beer is light drinking with a kick -- perfect for those warm nights. It's available only during the summer.
Stone Saison
Stone Brewing Co.
Style: Saison / Farmhouse Ale
ABV: 6%

This brand new offering from California's Stone Brewing Company is special because it's made with actual ingredients from Stone Brewing Co.'s farm. Using lemon zest, lemon thyme and lavender from the farm to produce this seasonal summer offering, Stone has created a beer full of citrus, spice and floral notes that's perfect for a summer wedding.
Firestone Pivo Hoppy Pilsner
Pivo Hoppy Pilsner
Style: Pilsner
ABV: 5.3%

Firestone's Pivo Hoppy Pilsner is named that way for a reason: it has hops like an IPA but the lightness of a Pilsner. With notes of lemongrass, spice, and bergamot zest, this beer is perfect for spring and summer weddings. Good news: it's available year round.
Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout
Belching Beaver Brewery
Style: Milk Stout
ABV: 5.3%

Belching Beaver's Peanut Butter Milk Stout may not have the prettiest label, but it sure as heck is a pretty beer. As the brewery itself says, it's like "dark chocolate Reese’s in a glass!" This beer is chock-full of delicious flavors like cocoa, peanut butter, coffee and malt. No wonder it scored 91/100 on Beer Advocate. Plus, it's available year round!
Cascade Strawberry
Cascade Brewing
Style: Sour Ale
ABV: 7.39%

Sour beers are not for everyone but this Strawberry sour ale is aged in oak barrels with actual strawberries, giving it a ripe fruit taste and a gorgeous pink color. It also packs a tangy punch, bound to shock your guest's taste buds (in a good way!). Since Strawberry is such a labor intensive beer to make, it's only available in 750ml bottles.

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