Craft Of The Day: Lace Doily Bowl

Make This Bowl...From Lace?

Photo by Carolin Gravendieck of Sodapop Design

Need a place to drop your keys or somewhere to put your rings? This Craft Of The Day makes a perfect and pretty bowl for those miscellaneous items you always seem to lose. And, if you're not into lace, you can impress almost anything into clay, so feel free to make it your own!

What You'll Need
Air-drying clay
Lace doily
Paint brush
Rolling pin
White acrylic paint
Small bowl

How To Make It
1. Roll your clay to an estimated 3mm thickness.
2. Place your lace doily over the clay and use the rolling pin to press the lace down.
3. Carefully remove the doily, making sure a lace impression has been left behind in the clay.
4. Lay a bowl upside down over the clay and use a knife to cut around it.
5. Remove the bowl, gently lift the clay and place it lace-side-up in the bowl. (This will ensure your bowl dries with an even and correct curvature).
6. Let dry. (Most likely this will take a day, but check the instructions on the package).
7. Use sandpaper to smooth out rough edges.
8. Paint the bowl using white acrylic paint and let dry.
9. Set your new bowl out on a side table and you're done!

For a complete photo tutorial, visit Sodapop Design. And, be sure to check out the other great crafts in our Craft Of The Day slideshow below.

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