Craft Of The Day: Lavender Sachet

If you want to set the perfect mood for Valentine's Day, look no further than this Craft Of The Day. Lavender sachets have a wonderfully sensual smell, perfect for freshening up a room or scenting your clothes. Maybe that's why these old-timey accessories (which were most popular in Victorian times) are making a comeback! Keep reading for the simple how-to.

Photo by Cate Holst of Go Make Me

What You'll Need
Dried lavender
Fabric scraps
Needle and thread
Pinking shears (optional)

How To Make It
1. Cut two fabric scraps into 10cm squares and align them.
2. Sew three of the sides together (needle and thread or sewing machine).
3. Fill the pouch with dried lavender.
4. Sew the fourth edge closed.
5. (optional) Use pinking shears to create a decorative edge.
6. Enjoy!

For a photo tutorial, visit Go Make Me. And, be sure to check out the other great crafts in our Craft Of The Day slideshow below.

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