Craft Of The Day: Mason Jar Snow Globe

Craft Of The Day: Mason Jar Snow Globe

Photo by Julie Ann of Julie Ann Art

Snow globes are a holiday favorite - everyone loves how these little capsules capture the graceful elegance of falling snow. So, in this Craft Of The Day, we're adding a DIY flare by transforming mason jars into miniature winter wonderlands. They'll look especially great by the window or near candles where the glitter will catch the light and sparkle.

What You'll Need
Mason jar
Distilled water
Liquid glycerin
Craft trees (or other figurines)

How To Make It
1. Attach your trees to the lid of the jar using the epoxy and let them dry overnight.
2. The following day, fill the mason jar with distilled water.
3. Add a few drops of the liquid glycerin and then drop in the glitter.
4. Screw the cap on and shake it up to give your homemade snow globe a test drive!

For a complete photo tutorial, visit Julie Ann Art.

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