Craft Of The Day: Use Cyanotype Printing To Create One-Of-A-Kind Sun-Printed Napkins

This Craft Of The Day shows you how to use a printing process to make napkins.

Before advanced printing technologies were invented, architects used a process called "cyanotype printing" to create blueprints. But just because this this method isn't used anymore for building plans doesn't mean it has completely disappeared. Cyanotype printing, or sun printing, still exists as a way to create unique artwork. And today's Craft Of The Day from Garden Therapy will show you how to use this printing process to make beautiful cloth napkins. Take a look:

craft of the day Photo by Stevie at Garden Therapy

After treating the fabric with a specific chemical mixture (you can buy a kit for this), you can choose which plants you want to print on the napkins. Then, the sun basically does the rest of the work as it reacts with the chemicals and produces a gorgeous color. For a full tutorial, head over to Garden Therapy.

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