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'Craft Wars' Recap, Season 1 Episode 8: Halloween-Themed Pillows And Lawn Decor (VIDEO, POLL)

Last night's "Craft Wars" was certainly spooky, as judges Erica Domesek, Stephen Brown and Jo Pearson along with host Tori Spelling put the crafters to work in a Halloween-themed DIYs.

During the "Pop Craft" challenge the three contestants had one hour to make a kid-friendly Halloween pillow using stuffed animals. Ashley went with a werewolf pillow while Angela crafted a multi-colored "Franken-monster." Mason thought outside-the-box and tried making a sleeping bag that would fold into a pillow, but his attempt was flawed and he had to start over. He finally made a pillow that had straps like a backpack. And though the judges thought it was clever, they also thought it was too clunky. Mason went home and Angela and Ashley advanced to the "Master Craft" challenge where they had five hours to make Halloween lawn decor using gardening supplies.

Ashley decided to make a huge monster with the main supply being garbage bags. Though her creature wasn't particularly scary, it was most definitely kid-friendly. The colors, stones and other accents made this a really cute craft. The most impressive part was the monster's mouth-- a hole inside for a hand allowed users to give trick-or-treaters a little scare when they reached inside for candy.

And while we loved Ashley's ideas, we couldn't help but be stunned by Angela's sunken, haunted ship wreck. The design was impeccable and she used a lot of the supplies in her detail work, like a moon made from a plastic garbage can top.

This was one of the first times we could really see that the judges were torn on who should win the prize. Both were really exciting Halloween crafts. While one was more kid-friendly, the other was constructed so wonderfully.

Erica clearly wanted Angela to win, while Stephen and Jo leaned more towards Ashley's craft. Inevitably, Erica was outnumbered and Ashley was declared winner.

Watch the video above to see the structures from the "Master Craft" challenge and let us know: Which did you like the best? And be sure to follow us on Twitter when we live-tweet during the show every Tuesday at 8 PM EST.

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