Photo Of Craig Williams, Dying Man In Road, Tweeted By Teenager Who Didn't Stop To Help

Teenager Tweets Picture Of Man Dying But Doesn't Stop To Help

In Edinburgh, Scotland, a teenager recently saw a man apparently passed out in the street. Instead of stopping to assist the injured man, the teen took a photo and tweeted about the incident.

"Eeeehm wtf? Some guy just casually lying outside Ocean Terminal,” read the 1:56 a.m. post.

The injured man was Craig Williams, who was found seriously injured around 2 a.m. in a bus lane after allegedly being struck by another vehicle. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he passed away several hours later, per BBC News.

While the teen's Twitter account appears no longer to be active, the picture of Williams lying in the road can still be found online. The Huffington Post has chosen not to post the image, originally found on media sharing site Lockerz, but the caption can be seen below:

craig williams

According to the Daily News, several of the teen's Twitter followers urged him to do something about the sleeping man in the road. "What if like i went over n he like tried doin some dodgy shit to me," he supposedly tweeted back.

Since the incident, the teen has apologized stating that "he didn’t have a clue" how serious the situation was. His uncle, who wished to remain anonymous, also came to his nephew's defense.

"Normally he does not go out at night and he has never drank in his life. All he saw was a guy lying down. He called police when he found the person had died and he will be tweeting an apology. He regrets it totally," the uncle told the Daily Record.

This incident brings up an interesting (and possibly disturbing) habit: Smartphone users have become accustomed to documenting life via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We are constantly streaming our locations or activities to followers, participating in both a virtual world, as well as reality.

Forbes has written about our media addiction thus: "It's a feeling we're all familiar with -- that we'll just sign on, check Facebook, check Twitter, see what's there. The little buildup of tension when the loading screen starts to go, the little release when it jumps and the page loads."

But becoming passive in reality may come with frightening and unfortunate consequences.

What do you think about this teenager's tweet? Do you believe this type of behavior may become more typical as social media grows? Sound off in the comments section or tweet your thoughts to us @HuffPostTech.

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