Craigslist And The Muse- Simone Lueck's Photographs Take Portraiture To A New Level

WHO:Simone Lueck

WHAT:The Once and Future Queens

WHEN:Now through October 23, 2010

WHERE: Kopeikin Gallery
2766 South La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034

WHY: What happens when the world of the Craigslist collides with the world of portrait photography? In this body of work, Lueck explores the themes of identity, performance, memory and glamour as she asks women she meets from Craigslist adds to pose for her.

The artist placed ads on Craigslist and in newspapers in various US cities soliciting older woman to pose as glamorous movie stars. The pictures are collaborations: Each participant is asked to provide her own makeup, hair and wardrobe. As active players in the affair, the women are able to shape their individual portrayal. The shows are fantasies, and the performance reflects each woman's perception of glamour.

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