Craigslist Holiday Boyfriend Ad: Women Search For Temporary BFs For The Holiday Season

Single Women Seek Seasonal Boyfriends On Craigslist

UPDATE: This morning we heard from the two women that posted the ad. Since it was removed by Craigslist, they decided to start a "Two Girls, One Season" Tumblr instead. Any fellas interested in being a holiday boyfriend (or anyone that wants to read the original ad in full) can now find these working women at: We certainly hope they find what they're looking for!

"We need two guys (preferably two in a bromance to match our womance) to stick around for the holidays. Our love will be fake, but epic. We want to make everyone jealous ... We'll be like the ... spitting image of the last 30 minutes of 'Love Actually,'" reads a Craigslist ad placed on San Francisco's "Missed Connections" section.


The authors of this post bring a whole new meaning to "All I Want For Christmas Is You." Instead of the "true love" we get forced down our throats during every holiday season's slew of romantic comedies (although I will concede that "Love Actually" is one of my favorites), these women present romance the way many a 21st-century working woman wishes she could -- on a truly practical level. We can't all live out the Cameron Diaz-fantasy portrayed in "The Holiday," head to England, stay in an adorable cottage and make a long-distance relationship with Jude Law work. And in the age where you can find almost anything on Craigslist, even an igloo, searching for a short-term "holidate" seems totally reasonable.

Plus, these women are 100 percent honest about what they want:

Let's cut to the chase: Holidays are the worst time to be single and some of us are just over it. We're two single girls looking for a pair of seasonal boyfriends for Christmas and New Years and only for Christmas and New Years.

And about what they definitely don't want:

What we don't want: ... crazy alcoholics, men with daddy issues, men who are looking to cheat on their current girlfriends, men who are just in it for sex, and creepers. Let's be honest, this is craigslist and we're not looking to get roofied by our own boyfriends.

Inappropriate jokes about being roofied aside, wanting a companion around the holidays makes sense. In case you haven't heard, "Baby, It's [Getting] Cold Outside." (Although there are plenty of reasons to embrace the season as a single lady.) If these women want a temporary boyfriend and they're up front about it, who should deny them? Especially since there are men out there who seem to want the same thing:


Here's hoping these three find each other and let us know how it went. We'll be reading the San Francisco Craigslist "Found" section all January.

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