Cramer Will Be Off the Air in 60 Days: Bless You Jon Stewart

I just viewed the much anticipated face-off between Jim Cramer and Jon Stewart.

I don't predict the direction of the stock market and I can't pick stock winners. Neither can Jim Cramer.

That's bad enough.

But when he denied the plain meaning of his 2006 interview in which he discussed highly questionable conduct he engaged in while he was a hedge fund manager, he lost the last remaining shred of his much diminished credibility.

No responsible network executive who viewed the tape of Stewart eviscerating Cramer could possibly conclude that he has any credibility as an "investment expert." His antics may entertain some but they have hurt many.

For NBC and CNBC to continue to hold Cramer out as its investment guru would be a travesty that I don't believe even they will perpetuate.

Here is a prediction I will make: Cramer will be off the air in sixty days.

Bless you, Jon Stewart.

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