Crap At My Parents' House: An Homage To Mom & Dad's Terrifying Belongings (PHOTOS)

Parents tend to accumulate a lot of random stuff while raising kids - but when they move out, the stuff's presence just gets weirder and weirder. Maybe that monkey-faced-coconut seemed quasi-normal while you were growing up, but now when you go home to visit it gives you the creeps. We totally get it. So does the hilarious site "Crap At My Parents' House." This blog curates all the odd junk lying around parents' homes, from an impressive back-scratcher collection to the creepiest dog-head hanger you've ever seen (and if you've seen more than one, we pity you). With the site's permission, we collected 16 of our favorite pieces of "crap" (and their great captions) from what they've found so far and now we're looking for our readers to submit their own. Go ahead and raid mom or dad's house and snap a few photos of the gems you find and send them our way. And don't forget to check out all the other great items the original site has compiled.

Found in the basement on New Year's Eve 2010

crap at my parents house

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