CRAP - Constant Regurgitation About Propsperity

I am here to tell you something special love, I believe in you, now its time for you to believe in yourself.

Okay, now that I've got that in your head, let's talk about success. Yes, success. Everyone has different levels of it, some of it driven by money, some by clients, some by hours in a day, but we've all got different ways of thinking about what success means to us. I've been heard so many people talk about money recently and it made me think... how much money per month, or per year, is successful for you? Some of us want $5K a month, some of us $10K, $50K, some of us live a more nomadic lifestyle and think $1K or $2K a month is wonderful. How can we judge others success if we can't accept that our achievements, while not in line with others, is the same.

Well, get rid of the CRAP - Constant Regurgitation About Prosperity. I mean it, just stop. Stop wishing away your entrepreneurial journey. Stop striving to up-level something because that's where other people are. This CRAP you're seeing out there, is just that CRAP! If someone tells you they made $10K or $50K and you instantly feel bad about your $5K month, you're left unappreciative of how you got there in the first place. I'd be lying if I said I didn't post some of my business wins involving money because let's face it, money talks, but don't let money talk dirty to you (literally, why is money so dirty!) let money be a motivator, let it help you believe in where you are, respect yourself and what you've accomplished, and remember when you see another money post, mine included, that it isn't about getting there, it's about respecting your entrepreneurial journey and believing in yourself that where you are right now, at this very moment, is where you need to be.