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Crash the Bankers' Party in Chicago

If you could get all the architects of the Wall Street scam together in one place, what would you say to them? They'll all be in Chicago this weekend -- and we're headed there to meet them.
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The financial section of the newspaper is starting to read like the script for a far-fetched crime movie. A group of villains hatch a plot to steal trillions of dollars from unsuspecting Americans. They drive the country into economic chaos, funnel money from families and small businesses into their own pockets, then leave all of us to clean up their mess. And not only do they get away with it, they pay themselves billion dollar bonuses and throw lavish parties to celebrate their conquest.

But this isn't a movie, it's really happening. Wall Street bankers have taken $17.8 trillion of our tax dollars through bailouts and turned them into massive pay and bonuses for themselves. Goldman Sachs alone is expected to pay more than $23 billion just in bonuses this year; that's more than $43,000 a minute, every minute.

So, my question to you is: if you could get all the architects of this scam together in one place, what would you say to them?

Hurry up and decide, because they're all getting together in Chicago this weekend -- and we're headed there to meet them.

The big bank execs are gathering in the Windy City for the American Bankers Association conference. It's a four day celebration of wealth and opulence; some of the items on the agenda include a roaring 1920s swing dancing party, a luxurious riverboat cruise, and celebrity appearances from Newt Gingrich and George Will. And it's all funded with our tax dollars.

Outside the conference, thousands of taxpayers will be gathering to remind the bankers that their scheme is not a victimless crime. People from more than 20 states will be there; people who have had their homes foreclosed, their jobs eliminated, and their live savings wiped away. We're going to demand that bankers stop using our money to lobby against reforms that would prevent another financial crisis.

On Sunday, we're literally putting the big banks on trial. The American public will make the case against the Wall Street greed that caused the economic collapse. On Monday, taxpayers will be holding demonstrations at big banks throughout the city. And, on Tuesday, more than 5,000 taxpayers will march on the ABA conference, demanding that they stop lobbying against financial reform with our tax dollars.

This is going to be the largest protest against big bank greed since the financial crisis first hit. Will you join us? Let's show the Wall Street bankers that Chicago is the beginning of the end for their unchecked greed.