HuffPost's new video series takes an intimate look at women running for political office in this year's elections.

Who run the world? Women! And record numbers of women are running for political office in the 2018 midterm elections, many for the first time.

Some are motivated by the 2016 presidential election, and others by their hometown bureaucracy. They all share the frustration with the lack of female representation in politics, from their local governing boards to U.S. Congress.

“Because of a lot of our leaders have been white, older men, from rich families too, they don’t see how people who are poor, or people who are middle class, have been raised, and how the decisions they make affect them,” said Myya Jones, a 23-year-old native Detroiter who ran for Michigan House of Representatives this year following her run for mayor in 2017.

At every turn, this year’s candidates are bucking political norms on the campaign trail. In San Francisco, fundraising dinners have been replaced by drag shows. Instead of kissing babies, a mom in New York is raising them. And, for Myya Jones, rap videos are the new campaign ad.

“Our target audience for the most part has been millennials who are 18 to 35 who don’t vote,” Jones said. “So what do they care about? They care about music.”

#CrashTheParty is a digital-first series that takes an intimate look at these candidates, who are proving that anyone can ignite change, no matter their background, race, religion or gender.

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