Crass & The Art Of Punk: British Anarchist Band Featured In MOCAtv Series (VIDEO)

Crass, the band that made living in an British farm house hardcore, is the newest subject of MOCAtv's art-meets-music series, "The Art of Punk."

The second episode of the project is devoted to Dial House residents and friends like drummer Penny Rimbaud and visual artist Gee Vaucher -- 1980s protest icons who cultivated their own strand of DIY punk aesthetics.

In the video, Rimbaud and Vaucher, along with tattoo artist Scott Campbell and graphic designer Dave King, recount the early days of Crass, formed in a post-war England on the heels of '60s flower power activism. Angered by the encroaching era of conservatism, Rimbaud and his bandmates gathered together officially in 1977, advocating for anarchism, environmentalism, animal rights and more.

The group is perhaps best known for its emblem designed by King -- a snake and cross symbol that made its way on T-shirts and Underground stations across the UK. "It was just kind of intimidating enough to be intriguing," Campbell says in the video.

Watch the video above for more on the collective and let us know your thoughts on MOCAtv spotlight in the comments.

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