Crayola Crayon Rockets Blast Off In Nevada Desert (PHOTOS)

John Coker, a homemade rocket enthusiast, has built--and launched--a set of rockets that resemble a giant 8-pack of Crayola Crayons.

'Since a friend pointed out that my I-ROC looked like a Crayon, I've had the idea in back of my mind to build a Crayon rocket. Not just a Crayon rocket, but a pack of Crayon rockets,' Coker writes on his blog, JCRocket.

In 1998 he bought a kit and started working. Six years later, his creation was ready to launch.

The event, held in the Nevada desert, was a success.

Although only half of the rockets launched, the ones that did soared 2,928 feet into the air.

Get full instructions on how to build your own Crayola Crayon rockets on Coker's blog.