R.I.P. Dandelion, The First Crayola Crayon To 'Retire' From The 24-Pack

Goodbye forever, old friend.

Earlier this week, Crayola announced its plan to “retire” a crayon from its classic 24-pack. Although the hue in question was not supposed to be revealed until Friday (known to coloring aficionados as National Crayon Day), the truly historic news slipped out early.

On Thursday, the world learned that the color “announcing his retirement” is ... Dandelion.

For those who haven’t examined a Crayola box since pre-K, Dandelion is a yellowish crayon, not to be confused with actual “yellow,” “yellow green” or “green yellow.”

Crayola confirmed the news on Twitter, posting a strange video of an animated Mr. Dandelion traveling the world as a free man crayon. If you don’t like to imagine your box of crayons as animate beings trapped eternally in a cardboard box, you might not want to watch the clip.

Although the retired shade will no longer be produced as a crayon, it will live on in Crayola’s Color Hall of Fame. And if you aren’t quite ready to say goodbye, there is a Facebook live-stream planned for tomorrow to ceremoniously break the news.

For any skeptics thinking this whole thing is an elaborate April Fools’ Day prank, think again. “I can confirm this is NOT an April Fools’ stunt and Dandelion is the color the brand will be retiring,” a publicist assured The Huffington Post. Time to face reality, people. Dandelion is no more.

Will you be mourning crayon life sans Dandelion’s yellowy touch? Let us know your fondest memories of the waxen shade in the comments.

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