The Craziest College Confessions Of 2013 (VIDEO)

People do crazy things in college and this year was no exception. Thankfully, we have a handy video that compiles the craziest confessions from students in 2013.

The video was made by our buddies at BuzzFeed, and it's based off of various websites where students make anonymous confessions.

Examples in the video include one from Arizona State University: "I met someone here who thought a thesaurus was a dinosaur." Another that's just weird is "Sometimes I dig a hole in my backyard and pretend I'm a carrot."

There's also one from this year's No. 1 party school, the University of Iowa: "This morning I woke up in jail. Safe to say the government shut down doesn't refer to police as well." And speaking of partying, apparently there's someone at Brown University who's getting laid off a fake British accent.

Watch the craziest college confessions of 2013 in the video above.



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