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The Craziest Fast Food Creations Of 2012 (PHOTOS)

2012 has certainly been a year of excess. There was an extraordinary amount of bacon, we finally realized that food trucks may have jumped the shark and there were one too many food safety disasters to count.

But perhaps the best measure of this year's over-the-top antics in food is the sheer number of insane fast food creations to emerge both at home and abroad.

From Taco Bell's ridiculously popular Doritos Locos tacos to Pizza Hut Middle East's gross-looking hamburger-stuffed crust pizzas, it seems fast food tastes are demanding ever-more inventive (and sometimes silly) offerings.

Click through the below slideshow for our favorite fast food creations of 2012.

Pizza Hut's "Crown Crust Carnival"

2012's Craziest Fast Food Items

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