Crazy Bands Banned in LA Private Schools!

A few days ago, I was on the way home from having fro-yo with the lovely Nola Singer.  My mom called me to tell me that I had to see these bracelets that my two nieces brought over to my house.  My mom said something like, "These are rubber bracelets that have a shape, like a poodle or L for Lakers, but when you put it on it disappears."

The bands have been banned at L.A. private schools attended by the likes of Ella Stiller, Olivia Pacino, and London Hudson (daughter of Slash) for causing to much distraction! Even L.A. native Mary-Kate Olsen (Campbell Hall '04) has been caught sporting the trend.

I decided to interview my nieces - who say this is the new "in" thing at their school, The Laurence School.  Read my interview with them and which other celebrities have been wearing them on The Daily Truffle.

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