Crazy Ex-Husband? Man Reportedly Sends Feces-Covered Alimony Checks To Former Wife

The Grossest Story You'll Read All Day

We all know divorce can be dirty -- in some cases, literally.

Gerald Desiderio, a 51-year-old bartender from Long Island, N.Y., was arrested Thursday after sending alimony checks to his ex-wife that were covered in feces, The New York Post reports.

For the past year, Desiderio has been enclosing nasty letters and objects with his checks to his ex-wife. According to postal inspectors, he even sent her a photo of a knife.

His rattled ex-wife told officials that she moved out to Arizona in order to avoid her former spouse, who is now being charged with stalking, obstructing the mail and sending hazardous materials through the mail.

Authorities say Desiderio will appear in a federal court trial in Arizona at the end of month.

This isn't the first time an ex-wife has been on the receiving end of a dirty divorce move. In October, a Tennessee man threw an egg at his ex-wife's head while she was parked outside of his apartment waiting to pick up their son at the bus stop.

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