9 Crazy Crimes In The U.S. That Wouldn't Be Illegal Anywhere Else

There are plenty of laws in the United States that we're a little ashamed to bring up again to repeal. Many of them are either so outdated or so outrageous that you won't see them anywhere else in the world.

Some laws, like Oklahoma's ban on long Bingo games, have a some semblance of a practical use. Extended play can lead to extended drinking can lead to extended gambling, lawmakers must've assumed. Others, like Augusta, Maine's law against walking down the street while playing a violin, are just plain hilarious.

1. Take Idaho, for example. Perfectly legal to give your lady a box of chocolates, perfectly illegal for that box of chocolates to weigh less than 50 pounds. That said, Local News 8 questioned the validity of this law -- and found that it's probably an "obscure city ordinance" that isn't ever enforced.

2. In Alaska, you can't wake a sleeping bear specifically for a photo opportunity, according to a report from Harford College. Who makes this stuff up?

3. In North Dakota, beer and pretzels can't be served at the same time at any bar or restaurant. KFYR investigated this law, and found that while true -- and maybe misconstrued -- nobody's getting busted.


4. Why is this man whispering, "Fear Oregon" into his lover's ear? Because it's illegal to whisper dirty things during sex in the area of Willowdale, at least according to

5. You absolutely cannot dye a duckling blue and offer it for sale in Kentucky unless you offer more than six blue ducklings at once. This sounds like a lawmaker was really upset when one of his colleagues bought a blue duckling, then realized there was only one for sale. Sad. Or maybe it's because you can't dye a duckling blue without making shark bait:

6. Females can't do their own hair in Oklahoma unless licensed by the state. Sure, it's outdated, the Examiner explains. Just happy to still have my hair styling freedom, am I right boys?

7. In North Carolina, Bingo games can't last more than five hours. It's OK, we'd rather spend our five hours at Bojangles.

8. New York City never sleeps. But it never carries an ice cream in its pocket either, because that's still against the law, according to Random History.

Ryan, the police commissioner wants to have a word with you. Come quietly.

9. And this one's WAY off base, Oklahoma: Dogs must have a permit signed by the mayor in order to congregate in groups of three or more on private property. If they can't do that, they can't do this:

And we wouldn't have an excuse to look up ridiculous dog gifs. REPEAL THESE LAWS.