Google's Veterans Day Logo Is Making Crazy People Crazy

Google's Veterans Day Logo Is Making Crazy People Crazy

Happy Veterans Day, to one and all, but especially to the folks over at Google, who thought they'd commemorate the occasion by altering their logo to suit the occasion, only to be reminded that the world is full of people who are crazy and freaked-out on a 24-hour basis about Sharia law!

Google's design today uses the staff of a waving American flag as the "L" in its name, which means Old Glory itself obstructs the "E" in its name, leaving most of the letter obscured, save for the OMGZ ISLAM CREEPING CALIPHATE TAKEOVER CRESCENT, obviously.

Just look at this terrifying logo:

And thus we manufacture the only thing Americans make anymore: screaming-meemie controversy. This one guy at Associated Content surveyed all of the "Tweets via Twitter" that have, thus far, been twat:

Reactions on Twitter have ranged from shock to disappointment at Google's choice of doodle designs for Veterans Day.

LaughTech on Twitter enlarged the logo and set its caption as "Google says, 'Happy Veterans Day, Islam'".

AdrianTweeting makes a similar observation: "The Veterans Day Google logo kind of makes the "e" on the end look like a sinister Islamic crescent lurking behind the flag. Unfortunate."

RL from sums up the outrage perfectly, "An American flag covering a partial showing Islamic crescent moon...good job GOOGLE...way to do your part to further fan the flames of tension between the western world and the Islamic community. Lets see how you play dumb and spin this."

Exactly. Way to go, Google. Give crazies such as Pamela Geller, Terry Jones and Tea Party patriots the fuel they need to wage an all-out slugfest of vitriol against Islam for ruining an American tradition. The Google doodle is distasteful at best, hateful at worst, for this Veterans Day.

And things get rather screechily self-righteous from there:

Your Google doodle is supposed to enlighten and educate those who click on it, not cause a rift between two world powers.

Good lord, dude, IT IS THE LETTER "E." Many episodes of Sesame Street were sponsored by this letter.

Anyway, this is your periodic reminder that not everyone successfully reaches Piaget's formal operational stage of cognitive development.

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