Crazy Sexy Diet

Crazy Sexy Diet
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Every now and then a book comes along that changes your life, Crazy Sexy Diet, may do just that. I first heard about CSD's author, Kris Carr, a few years ago when I watched her documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer. It follows a young woman, Carr, who's just been diagnosed with an inoperable, rare form of cancer, and her inspiring journey to wellness.

You'd think her documentary, considering the subject matter, would be somber and serious, but Carr doesn't see cancer as a death sentence, she sees it as her teacher. With an infectious energy and uber-positive outlook, Carr turns the tables on the big C and arms herself with the knowledge she needs to stay healthy. After the documentary premiered on TLC, it garnered attention from the big O, Oprah. Carr's crusade was in full swing.

It was Hippocrates who said, "Let food be thy medicine." In Crazy Sexy Diet, Carr compiles all the information she's gathered over the past 8 years with regard to keeping herself healthy and vibrant. She's been to nutrition classes, spoken with experts, taken a million workshops, visited hospitals as well as ashrams -- she knows her shit. Much like the style of her documentary, the book is fun and incredibly engaging. This is not some boring doctor telling you what to eat (although the book was endorsed by some of the top docs in their field) this is your best girlfriend, who just happens to be Xena Wellness-Warrior Princess, dishing the skinny on what's gonna keep you tip top.

While CSD's main focus is on the food we put in our bodies and how it affects our overall health, the book also branches out and talks about lifestyle changes that can reduce our stress level and help steer us clear of disease. Meditation, yoga, and even dry brushing are discussed. Additionally, it's chock-full of recipes so as not to leave readers hanging once they finish. The avocado-cumin dressing I made was so good I was moaning... really! I've also made her "Make Juice Not War" green juice, which looks like swamp water, but actually tastes zesty and sweet. I took her advice and served it in a wine glass to give it some flare.

As is common these days, Carr encourages her readers to go on her 21-day cleanse to jumpstart themselves into a new healthy lifestyle. She tells you it's OK to slip up. I've basically been following her regimen since New Year's (what's better after the debauchery of the holidays) and feel amazing.

Crazy Sexy Diet might just be what we all need to take back control of our health. With a national disease crisis on our hands, it's time we all get involved. If you're someone ready to start feeling vibrant, let Carr be your guide. If you're someone dealing with a chronic illness, this book might just be your new bible.

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