SkyMall Is Dead. Internet Lists Of Its Crazy Tchochtkes Will Live Forever.

SkyMall, a company known mainly for trying to sell you things no one needs while you sat on an airplane, filed for bankruptcy on Thursday.

The company didn't sell much from the catalog in recent years. Instead it sold a good chunk of its products online. But it still relied on people looking at the catalog on the plane to drum up interest in its website. And, with in-flight wifi, that was happening less and less.

SkyMall built a business on boredom, and people are less bored on planes than they used to be.

The Internet was instantly nostalgic about the imminent disappearance of the SkyMall catalog and responded by listing things you could have bought from SkyMall -- but hopefully never did.

All of these lists published Friday morning.

1. 11 Of The Most Ridiculous Items Sold By SkyMall (Business Insider)

And of course, The Huffington Post has been doing this for years, here, here, and here.

Last year Wired went out a limb and predicted what SkyMall will look like in the year 2040.

Now we'll never know if they were right.