Crazy Trump Twitter Rants Trumps Media Showing Real Donald

Twitter has been used by Donald Trump for years. He has long been known to make crazy rants using the social media platform.
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Donald Trump has not stopped with his barrage of Twitter statements. By getting to his supposed point using 140 characters, Trump's own words have trumped the media before they could report actual facts. The Super Bowl of the debate season is now here and it is not surprising that Twitter is being used by Mr. Trump as a preemptive strike against his component. Looking back at some Real Donald tweets showcases just how outrageous his words have been.

Twitter Rants Trump Style

Twitter has been used by Donald Trump for years. He has long been known to make crazy rants using the social media platform. With the larger than life Donald now using tweets as part of his battle plan to win the presidency people on all sides have taken notice. Whether for or against the man, it is obvious that many Real Donald tweets have crossed boundaries and have been tweeted by the Republican candidate without much thought.

As a prelude to this candidate's run for presidency Trump has used Twitter to speak his mind often uttering odd remarks such as his Nov. 2012 remark, "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive."

In Aug. of 2012 Donald even proved his disrespect for woman commenting about Arianna Huffington on Twitter with an off-color remark.

May of 2013 had Trump tweeting about his supposed high I.Q. according to him. Perhaps people need to be reminded about this tweet to be informed before making their final voting decision. Who was Trump talking about when maintaining that he is so much smarter than others, "Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest -and you all know it! Please don't feel so stupid or insecure, it's not your fault."

In a December 2013 tweet, Donald Trump insinuated that the horrific plane crash killing the State Health Director was planned. Continuing his birther tirade against President Obama, Trump insinuated that this was all a plot to kill the one person who could prove that President Obama was a U.S.-born citizen. Really, a plane crash planned to kill just one specific person! Only someone with a really high I.Q. could engineer such a plot and tweet. Perhaps Donald knows something that the rest of us do not.

After feeling he was targeted by Megan Kelly during a debate, Trump went after her on Twitter with his typical putdowns.

Knowing that he would be up against a real contender on the stage, Donald tried his best to find a reason to call the debates between himself and Hillary Clinton rigged by the Democrats. How dare they put the debates on TV when there are football games on. By the way, it is not the Democrats who plan the debate schedule, but an actual commission on Presidential Debates.

Attacking the press is Trump's favorite pastime when the media posts an item not in his favor. On Aug. 14, 2016 Donald implied that the media should not have "freedom of the press" if they are just going to write anything they want if Trump believes it to be a lie. Yet, in true Trump fashion, this should not be applied to himself as he has "freedom of the press" to post whatever outrageous tweets he wants to.

In what seemed to be a begging for votes, on Aug. 26 Trump asked people of color to vote for him stating, "What do African-Americans and Hispanics have to lose by going with me?"

Getting more nervous as the first debate approached, Donald used Twitter to try to upset his opponent. Before hitting the debate stage Donald Trump threatened Hillary that he would invite her husband's former mistress to the debate.

Men do get the same treatment as the women Trump dislikes. He throws Twitter insults to anyone who the Republican candidate perceives is against him in some way. Then again, for those who throw the love Donald's way, he will toss the lovefest back -- even if it is to a person who does not believe in the United States' greatest interests.

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