Cream Blush Is The Makeup You Need For Soft, Dewy Skin

Few beauty looks go better with summer than soft, dewy skin. In addition to using exfoliating scrubs and body oils to give your face a fresh finish, a subtle pop of color will seal the deal.

Cream blush is a fool-proof product that can help you achieve that naturally "flushed" look, according to HuffPost Live makeup artist Kari Bauce. Because the product is typically made of hyaluronic acid, castor seed and avocado oils, cream blush helps to achieve and maintain that dewy summer look better than its powder equivalent. "It's also very portable and it's a multipurpose product. You can throw in your bag and use it as lip color, too," she added.

Bauce suggests applying cream blush with a short, flat brush or makeup sponge. "You're going to get a smoother, cleaner and better application," she said. "Then if you need to touch it up during the day, you can use your fingers." Starting off with a very small amount of product also allows you to build coverage without packing it on as you may do with powder blushes.

To avoid looking greasy, save your heavy moisturizers for the evening and prep your skin with an oil-free moisturizer that will help your blush to settle. "A thicker moisturizer is going to eat your cream products," said Bauce. And that doesn't just apply to blush -- it goes for concealer and foundation as well.

The makeup pro also suggests not layering setting powder on top of cream blush. "We're not using a lot of powder in the summer anyway, or your face is going to turn into paste," she explained.

Now that you know how to get flushed without baking in the sun, shop our picks for the best cream blushes below.

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