All The Essentials You Need To Create A Cozy Book Nook

Turn an empty corner of your home into a reading retreat.

Picture this: Far removed from the tireless monotony of work and the chaos of daily life, there's a place where you can retreat to for total relaxation and refueling. It's quiet, comforting and serene, somewhere you can focus intently or get lost in your thoughts, sometimes all at once. It may sound like a far-off fantasyland, but this enticing escape doesn't require a passport, a plane ticket or any kind of exclusive membership to access. It's actually inside your home.

Such is the beauty of a cozy reading nook -- and you don't need to devote an entire room to this retreat to make it come to life in your own home.  Whether it's as simple as an open wall or an empty corner, designer Nate Berkus says that anyone can turn an otherwise unused space into an area that might just become the new favorite part of the house.

"If you have an empty area somewhere in a room in your house, one great thing to solve that is to create a reading nook," Berkus says. "It doesn't take a lot of time, it doesn't take a lot of effort."

 To create your reading nook, Berkus says you need three essential items:

A chair or daybed

A small side table

A reading lamp

Add some personality to the space by including a plush pillow, a soft throw and a small vase with a pop of colorful flowers. 

"You can create a comfortable, beautiful spot where there was nothing before," Berkus says.

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