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In the next 10 minutes, over 1,000 people will die worldwide. Many will pass away never having made a truly powerful difference, moreover a global difference. We all have a calling and the ability to create positive change. This is core to who we are as human beings.

Today's technology allows us to extend our reach, giving individuals and corporations an opportunity to touch lives on a global scale, to create international movements, and to transform both themselves and the world. This is particularly true to the large portion of the world that has access to the internet.

In this article, I'll discuss three simple, but critical, steps to making your difference. These steps will allow you to connect deeply with your audience, attract a loyal and committed following, and build stronger relationships.


Each of us has a True North within ourselves. Your True North is your passion, purpose, and strengths combined. It defines the difference you wish to make and see in our world. Ask yourself the following questions: What are your deepest passions? What are the differences you wish to make? What are your natural strengths?

Your deepest passions are the interests, hobbies, and activities that you enjoy so much, that when you engage in them, you easily become so absorbed that you lose all sense of time. Your deeper passions touch your heart and bring a sense of joy to your whole being.

Your inner-purpose is best identified by asking what are the differences you yearn to make. Perhaps these are ways in which you seek to help others or help them excel at higher levels. Maybe you want to assist businesses to help them grow. Or, perhaps you want to make a specific difference to a group of people, your community, or in your nation.

Your core-strengths are those which are natural for you. While you may have had training in them, you were likely better than most people at these even before you sought education in these areas. These are the ways of thinking, activities, or behaviors that you do them almost perfectly instinctively.

By combining your answers to your deepest passions, inner-purpose (difference you want to make), and natural core-strengths, you will discover your True North. By doing so, you will develop a clear direction and focus. This leads you to discovering your path for providing massive value to society.

However, knowing your True North alone isn't enough. You also need to use it to look for, and notice, opportunities - for seeing your path for providing massive value to society.


With your True North defined, the next step is to find your audience and your opportunity. Today, each of us has the opportunity to not only make our difference, but to take it to another level. Social media has brought the entire world together as a small, hopeful community. Leveraging these social mediums will connect you to like-minded audiences eager to hear your message and share in your purpose.

If you already have a cause or are running a business, ask how you can make shifts to integrate your True North, and thereby make a bigger difference. Are your long-term and daily objectives fulfilling your passions and delivering on your true purpose? In what ways could you leverage yourself and your desire to make a difference by using social media? Ask how you could make a ten fold, hundred fold, thousand fold or greater difference through social media.


When you identify an opportunity to make a difference in your community and around the world, act quickly and passionately to implement your ideas. Launch your social cause or conscious business plan across multiple channels and get your message of change out to the world.

Today, many businesses are driven by more than a drive to achieve profit margins and revenues. In particular, many small businesses are not only for their own success and benefit, but for the benefit of the customers they provide for and the communities and societies in which they operate.

Sustainability businesses are providing tremendous value to consumers and enjoying substantial successes, while operating with energy efficiency and environmental concern.

Many businesses have created channels within their organizations to support causes relevant to their corporate initiatives. They donate percentages of their revenue or product to organizations and individuals around the world.

Non-profit organizations are springing up around the world, dedicating themselves to the generation of revenue specifically to be reinvested to make a difference in communities around the globe.

Every person who reads this article can do the same, by creating a socially conscious business or acting as an individual on behalf of a specific cause. We can all make our difference and become a force for good, touching lives on a global scale in a matter of days. Discover your passions, your purpose, your True North and seize the opportunity. This is your time. Take another ten minutes to think about how you can create change that matters.

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