Create more time in your day with these 3 simple steps!

What do you do when you feel you don’t have enough time?

It’s a familiar scenario to most of us. You set out on a new day or a new week, or even a new year with a list of goals, and the drive to accomplish all of them. Then your days happen to you rather than for you. Does this sound familiar? You wake up full of inspiration and determination and with coffee or tea in hand you are so ready! Then the phone rings or you take a quick peek at your email, a facebook alert pops up on your phone, the kids need a bit more attention, your partner needs a bit more attention, the laundry...oh, I’ll just start it going, I guess the dishes won’t do themselves. Shoot, maybe I’ll just run my errands really quickly and get them out of the way and the whole afternoon is mine to focus. Is any of this sounding even a bit familiar? Are you tired yet? The afternoon, just brings more of the same, or maybe you indulge in something restful, or mindless, you know because you are so tired, saying “tomorrow is another day”.

If this feels familiar to you, I am here to tell you that you are actively allowing this to happen. Remember, you are in complete control of your time. I know, you are saying, but Tara, I have x,y, and z appointments, what if my child’s school calls… and on and on. Excuses abound. You can have your excuses, the more you have, the less time you will have, trust me on that.

However, if you CHOOSE to take your time back, you will find the holy grail of flow. It may seem elusive, or sound like the magic unicorn, but it is so easy to HAVE. You simply have to decide, believe, and focus. How, you might ask?

Start with 1 thing every day, create consistency around THAT. Then add another and another. You may have tried this in the past, and if you have, stay with me here. Look at your morning. What is your routine? Do you have one? You have to do this new action daily, consistently, and FIRST, that is key! For example, say you want to meditate every day. Here are three scenarios to add it to your day:

  1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier tomorrow, do your essential morning activities (brush teeth, etc.) and sit for 5 minutes. If you wake everyone up, put this first, you woke up 30 minutes early, so you have the TIME.
  2. If you have a routine, maybe breakfast with your family, and then you send everyone off to work and school, then do it after. Put this at the start of your personal day. Everyone leaves and you grab your tea, take a deep breath and meditate for 5 minutes.
  3. If you wake up and are rushing off to work, and you squeak in right on time everyday, put this first when you get home. Another idea here, is add it to your lunch, just five minutes, sit in your car. Once you see the value in achieving a personal goal, shoot for #1, wake up early and put YOU first.

You may be saying, well, that’s great if it’s just 5 minutes, but what if I need an hour. Same thing, start small and build on the consistent habit of putting yourself first. The shift you are making here is to believe you are worthy of the time. Your goal is more important that the minutia of your day. The shift is not simply scheduling, or cramming something else into your day. It is creating a new belief of you first. You are stating to the Universe, I believe I am worthy of this time, my goals or my work is worthy of space and energy in my life.

As you practice creating this new belief, or making this shift, the most remarkable thing begins to happen. The Universe creates the space for you, and it becomes easy. What do I mean? Following the scenarios above, you will begin naturally waking up earlier, with more energy and joy. Your family will begin doing things for themselves that you previously did, that opens up more space and time for you. Your day will seemingly slow down and the time will open up and you find more and more space for you.

Here is an example from my own life. My routine has recently changed and I’ve found it more difficult to find the time and space to write daily. I made the decision that on Mondays and Wednesdays, no matter what, non-negotiable, I will write. For me, this means going to a coffee shop the days that my boyfriend is working at home. Honestly, I’d prefer to write at home, so that is my greater intention, and I know that I have to create the space no matter what. So if I’m finding it challenging to concentrate at home, I have to leave. This morning, I finished my daily routine, and got dressed to head off to a coffee shop and my boyfriend got a call from a friend and he left the house, leaving me the space to write exactly where and how I really wanted to.

So what a great topic to write about today! I smiled and thanked the Universe for that beautiful example.

I would love to hear feedback from you, or any questions that you have. Come on over to my FB page and post, or private message me and I’ll be happy to help you create more time and space in your day.

Tara is a Life Coach, writer, expressive arts therapist and mentor. Since 2007 she has been on a mission to be a shining light and inspiration daily. With a focus on self-love and authenticity, her passion is to help women discover their own inner passion and live truly empowered and authentic lives!

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