Create Your Ideal Business

Your ideal business should align seamlessly with your ideal lifestyle, carrying over the passions and purposes that drive you on a daily basis. If your business matches your lifestyle, you will always love what you do and the opportunities for success will multiply significantly as a result. In order to identify your ideal business and the ideal path for your company, visualize your organization three years down the road.

Think about your ideal Conscious Millionaire business. Describe the type of business you envision owning in three years. If you are imagining the future of your current business, notice what has changed and what has remained constant. Changes could include the range of products or services you sell, how you market and on which channels and the size of your revenues and profits.


Most importantly, you need to imagine the overarching purpose or vision for your business. Why does it inspire you? What differences are you able to make in the lives of your customers and your community? Finding this passion and purpose in your business, its daily operations and its future is critical to aligning your ideal business with your ideal life.

How large has your customer base grown over three years? In what new ways are you engaging with your community? Consider what you most enjoy about your business, your office environment, and the people with whom you work. Describe the characteristics of your office, including its location and design.


The more vividly you imagine your ideal business, the clearer your goals, hopes, and aspirations will become. When your objectives are clear, you can begin to map out a blueprint for how to achieve your goals. Additionally, the visualization of your goals will make them seem much more attainable. You have already envisioned yourself running your business and enjoying this lifestyle.

Be sure to also consider the challenges that might face your business over the next three years. How will you manage the growth of your company? How fast are you growing and what will come with this growth? How would you develop and oversee your staff? How will you leverage your business?


By creating a business plan and imagining how your plan will evolve, including the challenges you will overcome and the successes you will experience, you will define a new purpose and direction for your business. You will understand the needs of your customer base and the void you fill in their lives. In doing so, you will be able to guide your business consciously in a direction that creates positive change on your customers and the entire world.

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