The 2013 Create Your Own Religion Competition: Submit Yours!

Think You Can Create A Better Religion? Prove It

Did a voice from the sky recently ask you to sacrifice your son? Maybe you're the next Abraham. Have you ever been crucified and then resurrected? Maybe you're the next Jesus. Feeling enlightened after sitting under a fig tree? Maybe you're the next Siddhārtha.

Two years ago, the Huffington Post held our first create-your-own-religion competition.

You submitted religions like Tetrisism, Friends of the almighty Thumper the rabbit, and the Church of latte saints.

You crowned the winner, Murphism, a religion with a ritual of drinking Miller High Life and Jameson Irish Whiskey during Eagles games.

Now while Murphists don't outnumber Christians yet, I'm sure its beliefs like "Life is meant to enjoy the hell out of" and "Shaving is optional" will soon reach the popularity of the Ten Commandments.

Now it's time for the 2013 edition of this competition. Submit your religion in the slideshow below. Make sure to include your beliefs, rituals, and holidays.

There are 7.116 billion people on earth and plenty of people out there who are looking for something more in their lives. So get to work Huffington Post prophets.

Don't forget to let out your inner-missionary and get converting.

Vote for or against a religion by clicking the like or dislike button to the right of each slide in the slideshow below.


1) Click the "Add a Slide" button below
2) Enter the title of your religion in the "Title" field.
3) Click the "Choose File" button and upload a photo that represents your religion.
4) In the "Caption" section, enter your religious beliefs, rituals and holidays.
5) Click the "Submit" button
6) Recruit some followers! Tell everyone you know to vote for your faith.

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Create Your Own Religion Competition 2013

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