Create Your Purpose

By creating a purpose we distinguish between making a living and making a life.

I sat down to write this post after an extended summer break, shortly followed by moving countries. It’s been a while since my head's felt this far from focused and those self-doubting thoughts that snicker "who are you to tell others how to find their purpose" creep back in…

I tell myself - FOCUS.

(There’s a lot of self talk that goes on during this writing process – especially when overcoming writers block.)

So, I ask myself – What's the purpose of today's blog?

What's the key message I'm trying to say?

The answer:

To spread the message that change is normal, anxiety from change is normal and that we can all find our path. Ironic really.

AND, that if we don’t already know what our purpose is – we can create one. 

A few minutes later, I find myself googling… 'What is a purpose?'

According to the noun and verb meanings are completely contrasting. 

The Noun meaning states: 'the reason for which something exists.'

Where the verb meaning states: 'to set an aim, intention, or goal for oneself.'

So, in one respect the noun meaning proposes that purpose is why we are here on this earth. The soul-searching idea of looking for our set purpose.

On the other hand, the verb meaning implies we can choose our purpose. If the definition from the English language alone can’t help us to work it out, no wonder millions of people around the world are still trying to today.

When it comes to the great debate about determinism verse free-will, I’ve always sat on the free-will side of the fence.

While determinism states that life is set out or pre-determined, the free-will approach states that we have a choice in our actions and are free to choose our behaviour.

In the same respect, I sit on the verbs side of the fence (if that's even a thing) when it comes to finding our purpose. Specifically, that we can actively sit down today and create the direction and purpose we want from our lives.

After spending the time to think about what you want your purpose to be, you can put clear measures in place to reach it using the diagram below. 

Life purpose → Long-term goals → Short-term goals → Action plans → Daily actions

The importance of a clear purpose verse a hazy purpose: 

* Hazy purpose or no purpose → Hazy, random goals → Hazy, random action plans → Hazy, random daily actions or constantly busy with others’ agendas,


* Clear purpose → Clear long-term goals → Clear short-term goals → Clear action plans → Clear daily actions 

Create your purpose. 

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