Creating Effective Bridge of Communication Between the Company and People

Different business events, when properly organized, can create an efficient bridge of communication between business owners and potential customers who can learn more about the main business values and the company’s product in a more relaxed and unofficial setting. But planning business, brand-promotional or any type of other events can be challenging, as there are so many things that need to be taken into account to have a highly successful event.

So, to get a better idea of the organizational process of the events and their efficiency, I’ve conducted an online interview with the event-organization and staff provider founder of the company Runway Waiters, Mr. Ernest Sturm.

Mr. Ernest, in your opinion, what are the main purposes of events? Do you think that successful event organization can help any business grow?

That’s a very good question. It all depends on an event but generally speaking corporate events are produced mainly to create awareness around a certain brand, product, venue etc.. The primary purpose is to generate leads, however, it’s more than just a business transaction. Events are a great way to thank your customer base and show them a good time. Best events aren’t just about taking but more so about giving. It’s a win win environment where customer or the client gets to have an incredible time and the business owner gets to promote their brand. And what better way is there to entertain clients than to hire most beautiful and most charismatic staff, be it waiters, bartenders or brand ambassadors, to show your guests a good time. Nothing will make an event stand out as much as seeing a number of gorgeous Runway Models / Waiters, bartending, catering and accommodating the needs of your clients.

To answer your second question, we specialize in high-end events and work with many of top 1% of luxury brands in the world. When it comes to maintaining your brand alive and relevant events play an essential role. Our clients such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Armani, Dolce & Gabana, Ferrari, Rolls Royce etc., rely on events heavily to communicate their message to their audience. These events serve as an outlet to engage their customer base and captivate their attention and Runway Waiters does exactly that!!

Now, could you tell us how you came up with the idea of creating the company that not only organizes the events but also collaborates with the model agencies and provides the event staff? What is the main mission of the company?

Well, believe it or not, I was a model at one time! I was in that world where I worked side jobs as a waiter for extra income and I realized that there was a need for high-end service for these events that catering companies I worked with staffed, so I thought.. Why not combine the two? That's where Runway Waiters was born. Models needed flexibility in order to continue modeling, but still needed paying work every so often outside of photo shoots. So many models were already serving and bartending to make extra money so it was pretty easy to talk them into working for high-end clients in film, fashion, the music industry, etc.

As for the mission of Runway Waiters, we understand that modeling can be quite inconsistent and has it’s ups and downs, there can be a significant down time especially during the first few years of development. Runway Waiters provides models with event based work that is flexible, fun, and well paid. We are a staffing firm committed to helping models to enjoy the modeling industry by eliminating the struggle of balancing stringent work schedule with the inconsistency of casting calls. We get it, we have all been there, so we're here to help! It's a win-win for both parties!

Could you tell us a bit more about the organizational process of events? Where do you start from and what challenges you and your team are facing?

First off, it all starts with the client, - their wants, their needs and everything in-between are communicated to us. We then look at what the client is asking and we decide if it's feasible, or rather, look at how can we make everything that they want happen most effectively. That's oftentimes where the challenge lays when we have to take these abundant ideas and put them to paper with a budget. Everything has to fit into this specified puzzle and it has to do so seamlessly while also fitting underneath a concrete fiscal ceiling. As with life, you have to weigh the wants with the needs and budget appropriately, - what needs to be at this event versus what can we subtract all the while still encompassing the client's vision? It's important to give the clients what they want, it is THEIR event after all, and some of these clients have been dreaming about this particular event for a while and they have the picture of how it should turn out already painted in their minds, so it's up to us at Runway Waiters to paint a picture that closely resembles their masterpiece.

How can you define whether or not a particular event was successful? Do you communicate with the clients after the events?

Well, success is defined by everyone differently. Some clients base success upon guest count and whether the guests appeared to be enjoying themselves throughout the event, while others are more into the statistical analysis and the sales following the event. Success is a fluid term in the events industry, but we do our best at Runway Waiters to strive for success no matter what the client's definition may be. We always check in on our clients following an event. It's honestly one of our favorite parts of the process because we get to hear how their business has grown from the event, as well as learn how to make it bigger and better each and every time! Events, no matter how many you have under your belt, are ALWAYS a learning experience, so feedback is always welcomed and honored. We have very close, transparent relationships with our clients. It's a team effort to make these events thrive, so communication before, during and after is necessary not only when it comes to the growth of the business, but personal growth as well. Runway Waiters would not be what it is today if it weren't for the open communication that we have with clients and our willingness to embrace growth.

And, finally, any secret ‘recipe’ for creating a perfectly successful event?

Ha! If only! Perfectly successful events are non-existent. There's always going to be something that occurs behind the scenes, but luckily when you have a fantastic team to handle it, those issues are invisible to the eyes of everyone else. That being said, team work makes the dream work! I know it's a company cliché, but it is 100% true. A team that can work effectively together and communicate is an infallible asset to creating a successful event. They are the backbone of it all, they hold everything together. Each person has a strength that they contribute, like the inner workings of a massive machine. Your team has to be flexible and go with the flow of whatever is thrown their way, all while remaining level-headed. The staff behind Runway Waiters events all know that they need to be prepared for change and be prepared to problem solve when those changes are thrown their way. It's not always easy, but it certainly helps that we have a fun time working together. The Runway Waiters team is pretty unique. We all come from various backgrounds yet somehow when we come together, we each have a place that we thrive in the production of the events... and it certainly doesn't hurt that we all have a great sense of humor and some "yes can do" attitudes! The work ethic and positivity of a good team trickles down and truly makes an event magically come together successfully.

It seems like a properly organized event can indeed create a good communication bridge between clients and customers; moreover, with the help of such events, clients can express the feeling of gratitude to their loyal customers. It was also interesting to learn about the importance of getting feedback from the customers for even more efficient future event arrangements and how a good teamwork and a sense of humor can add up to the successful event organization.

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