Creating Joy ~ Human Design Transits for 18 December 2017

Given that my other laptop is in the process of failing since the last update, I decided to create my own bodygram template in the event I can no longer use my Human Design software.  They don't make a Mac version although there are some iPad apps available and I don't want to go through the hassle of using a boot program to run Windows just for that software. So I came up with a template that I can modify when I want to look at transits. Just in case.

The Moon is transiting at Gate 58 The Joyous Line 1 Love of Life filling us with a joyful presence. Jupiter supports this expansive energy by bringing creativity and an expression of our values to our interactions with others with its own transit at Gate 1 The Creative Line 2 Love is Light.

Communication with others might benefit from less initiating and more waiting to respond, perfect for Generator-types like me with Mercury's transit at Gate 5 Waiting Line 4 The Hunter. Manifestor types are the initiators of the world, whereas Generators have a better experience when we wait to respond. Venus asserts herself with her transit at Gate 26 The Taming Power of the Great Line 6 Authority bringing a sense of balanced ego to the day which ideally should make it easier for Generators to wait before responding.

One issue we might experience during the day is some manipulation that we might feel compelled to engage in, or it could be coming from someone we encounter. Mars is transiting at Gate 28 Preponderance of the Great Line 5 Treachery indicating that someone may be causing some trouble. If we allow the Venusian influence to overshadow the Martian's treacherous manipulation, we should be fine. But if we're the manipulative party then we might want to reconsider that choice lest we have a negative impact on all the joy the Moon and Jupiter bring.

The Sun may be the deciding factor with its transit at Gate 11 Peace Line 5 The Philanthropist and its emphasis on harmonious action. With these transits, we can enter this holiday season on a joyful high note. Winter Solstice, or Yule, is on Thursday for those in the northern hemisphere and the longest night of the year. I love this time of the year almost as much as I love October because now the seed catalogs will be arriving in earnest and I can plan next year's garden!

Anyway, below is a pdf copy of the chart. I tried to make it small, but it came out humungous. And along with The Definitive Book of Human Design by Ra Uru Hu and Lydia Bunnell that I use for interpretations, I also used the Rave IChing cards. I love those cards. They streamline the information from the book and it's nice to pull each card represented by the transiting planets and look at their interpretations simultaneously. It's easier to see the relationships and where some conflict may occur.

So enjoy the Winter Solstice, and celebrate Yule and any other holiday tradition you like. Create some happiness and joy in your life and in the lives of others. It's been a long year. We deserve it.

Yule Blessings to all!

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